Al Ader is dying and doesn’t have much time left. Determined to leave a legacy behind, he devises a plan to mystify the masses…and the authorities. Armed with a bomb, he hijacks a commercial airliner on Thanksgiving Eve of 1971. If he can survive long enough, he might solidify his place in history as a folk hero.


Robin Kraft is getting married, if she can make it through this flight alive. As authorities scramble to intervene, Robin must comply with Al’s demands if she is going to keep her passengers—and herself—safe and alive. 


Fundamental disagreements between the airline’s owner and FBI agents about how to handle the situation only further endanger everyone involved. Caught on opposite sides of a deadly dance in midair, Al and Robin must form a devil’s pact where no matter what happens, Al won’t get out alive. The only question is, how many people will he take out with him before he goes?

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Sam Abel has always been good at hiding—but he’s been found. A mysterious man who knows a surprisingly great deal about Sam’s true past corners him with a request that's really a threat: launch a reconnaissance mission to obtain information about the business dealings of American tycoons meeting with a German official. In return, Sam is promised both his freedom and a new, clean identity. 


As the threat of war approaches America’s shores, the mysterious man—only identified by his battle-scarred face—suspects that Germany is recruiting foreign industrialists. Intel points to a meeting regarding a very dangerous project—one that could turn the tide of the Second World War. A private meeting of powerful men has been set deep in the woods of Upstate New York at a Prohibition-era liquor smuggling lodge known as The Whispering Oak.


Sam’s particular brand of espionage skills will come in handy. He must penetrate The Whispering Oak and discover the nature of the meeting. If he is successful, he could finally have the quiet life he seeks, but if he is caught, his recruiters will disavow all knowledge of him, and worse still, his targets will kill him. Armed with only a knife, first aid kit, and radio, Sam sets off into the night to discover just what exactly the rendezvous entails—before it’s too late.

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The elusive burned man has called on Sam Abel once more. After foiling the plans of the Nazis to ensnare American entrepreneurs in their secret weapon projects, Sam has solidified his place in a shadowy organization tasked with turning the tide of the war. This time, Sam must infiltrate the Nazi establishment in Germany while disguised as one of their own.


A German defector, the enigmatic Sigrid Lang, has conferred slivers of information to British spies embedded in Pforzheim: whispers of the secret weapon known as Erdschlag. Sam must bring her to safety before she will give up all that she knows. Fearing that the massive tank is near completion, Sigrid has warned those who can aid her that it will soon leave its home and point its barrel at London. And capable of blowing Sam's cover at any moment is Lothar Eichler, bested by Sam during their first rendezvous and now seeing saboteurs in every face. The fearsome man will stop at nothing to ensure his project elevates his stature in the regime. 


New renovations have made matters worse: The gargantuan tank doesn’t just fire bunker-busting shells—it has been modified to fire rockets. Running out of time and hiding in plain sight, Sam must bluff his way through enemy territory while ensuring Sigrid’s safety. His enemies are endless, and now, they look just like him. Even under the cover of shadows deep in the Black Forest, he can't hide for long.

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