Al Ader is dying and doesn’t have much time left. Determined to leave a legacy behind, he devises a plan to mystify the masses…and the authorities. Armed with a bomb, he hijacks a commercial airliner on Thanksgiving Eve of 1971. If he can survive long enough, he might solidify his place in history as a folk hero. He believes his daring action invokes a dish of Harry Houdini, served with a pinch of Robin Hood.


Robin Kraft is getting married, if she can make it through this flight alive. As authorities scramble to intervene, Robin must comply with Al’s demands if she is going to keep her passengers – and herself - safe and alive. 


Caught on opposite sides of a deadly dance in midair, Al and Robin must form a devil’s pact where no matter what happens, Al won’t get out alive. The only question is, how many people will he take out with him before he goes?

                                                                      COMING SOON

The Ghosts at Sundown

Trudy does one thing well: high profile target assault. The only problem is, she's been kicked off a secret team of assassins known only as The Wraiths. Forced to retire to a small desert town in nowhere America, she tries her best to stay out of trouble—until she uncovers a plot by the locals to distribute 3D printed guns. The authorities are in on it too, and she's left with no choice but to take matters into her own hands. She's rusty, but the killer's instinct doesn't stay dormant for long. Add one part crime, stir in a neo-western, and sprinkle some action on top—THE GHOSTS AT SUNDOWN is sure to thrill.

                                                                     COMING SOON